Refund of payment

  • The Buyer shall pay for the goods in the online store in cash or non-cash form.
  •  If the Buyer pays in non-cash form, the online store carries out delivery of the goods to the Buyer only after receipt of payment in the amount of 100% (one hundred percent) to the bank account of the online store (the payment processor).
  • The prices for the goods, as well as the ordering procedure, are specified on the relevant pages of the online store


  • When making payment the Buyer shall pay the commissions (the fees), charged by credit institutions (payment systems/aggregators) at his own expense.

  • In case of improper quality of the goods, the Buyer, who paid for the goods, has the right to apply for a refund to the management of the online store


  • The application for a refund should be submitted in written form with the application of the purchased goods and documents that are necessary for a comprehensive review of the application by the management of the online store


  • The satisfaction of the Buyer’s claims for a refund is carried out only after the application is considered and confirmed to be valid by the management of the online store The decision to refund or refuse to refund money is taken by the management of the online store in their sole discretion.


  • The management of website has the right to refuse in to return the money to the Buyer in cases, if:

    a. the Buyer violated the terms of the agreement of sale and purchase or applicable law of Azerbaijan Republic;
    b. in case of failure of the payment system, as the online store is not responsible for the operation of payment systems through which the Buyer pays for the goods. The issue of refund in this case is resolved on an individual basis.
    c. in other cases, on the own motion of the management of the online store


  • The refund is carried out by the online store with the consent of the Buyer in one of the following ways:

    a. by cash in the location of the online store; or
    b. by transferring of funds to the specified bank account of the Buyer.


  • In case of validity of the claims submitted by the Buyer, the refund shall be made by the online store within 15 working days from the date of submission of the corresponding claim by the Buyer.